SaskSeats was started by four child passenger safety technicians after they obtained their nationally recognized certification through the CPSAC. We wanted to do something big with this certification and had our hearts set on a coalition within Saskatchewan. The idea behind SaskSeats was that we would be a central "hub" of child passenger safety information, resources, and support for Saskatchewan families and caregivers. We truly are YOUR team of techs. The time we put into SaskSeats doesn't ​fill our pockets... it isn't about us. This endeavor is for you and the safety of your children. 

Picture showing two children riding rear-facing in the car with the text "This is what matters most" overlayed ontop.
Joshua Johnson - Biggar, SK

Hello wonderful people of the Internet, I'm Joshua! Child passenger safety is definitely not something I would have seen myself diving into head first 2 years ago. I bought my first 2 car seats in June of 2016 and my total ignorance for how they worked finally lit a fire inside of me. I'm a fairly new tech in the car seat world, taking the course in April of 2017, but my passion and commitment definitely make up for it. When I am not engulfed in this wonderful adventure, I am a full-time male nanny (level II ECE) of 3 little rugrats, a babywearing learner, YouTube ​fanatic, and a pretty big tech nerd (I had lots of fun designing this website)​.

Picture of Joshua Johnson, a SaskSeats member, smiling for the camera in a pink Aeropostale shirt.


Ashley Green - Regina, SK
Picture of Ashley Green, a SaskSeats member in a pink shirt standing with her daughter Inara who is wearing a blue shirt and red backpack.


Hi friends, I'm Ashley. When my sweet, precocious little girl was born in 2015, keeping her safe was a big priority. With my spouse and I both having been in bad car collisions before, car seat safety became a big passion of mine from day one. While I knew the basics of how to install and use the seat properly, I soon learned there was so much more (like, who knew those lower anchors have weight limits?). When I found out the CPST course was being offered in Pilot Butte, I knew it was something I had to take. I love helping parents keep their littles safe in their cars and "talking shop" with them.

Jessica McKay - Moose Jaw, SK
Picture of Jessica McKay, a SaskSeats member, in overalls standing next to a chain link fence atop a waterfall.

Please note: Jessica is currently pursuing other adventures in BC. When she returns to Saskatchewan and is nerding out with car seats here again, we will let you know. Hey guys, I'm Jessica! I have always had a passion for learning how things work and I feel like this was a big starting point for my interest in child restraints. Initially, I spent many hours doing research about car seats, filling my head with as much information as possible. Then in May of 2016 I traveled to Winnipeg for a weekend to become certified as a car seat tech. I was the second CPST certified through CPSAC in Saskatchewan! Currently, I am a student pursuing a career in preschool education and working with parents on the side to keep their children as safe as possible on the road! My other interests include cloth diapering, babywearing, sewing, and being crafty. 

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