Winter Seat Safety

Winter in Saskatchewan is tough. We understand the struggle of not only getting children out the door, but also keeping them safe in the vehicle. This page is dedicated to providing some tips for keeping your children warm and safe in the vehicle during our long winter months.

- Keeping Warm Inside & Outside -

  • Preheating your vehicle can take some of the "edge" off in colder weather
  • Dress in thinner layers to help lock in the heat, while avoiding the "bulk" that can be dangerous in a collision
  • Keep them bundled while transporting from the house to the vehicle (a blanket works well for this)
  • Consider purchasing a car seat poncho, thin fleece, or compressible down jacket (see pictures below)
  • Add a blanket on top of them once they are buckled and tuck it in around them and under their feet
  • Consider a shower-cap style cover for transporting in their infant seat and remove it when they are in the vehicle.
  • Minimize outings in extreme temperatures when possible and plan accordingly
Infant riding rear-facing with a car seat poncho to keep warm

Infant riding with a car seat poncho

Picture of a 2 year old in a car seat safe jacket

2-year-old in a Road Coat, size 3T.

- Keeping Safe Inside & Outside -

  • Try to adjust and install seats before the extreme cold and snow settles in
  • Avoid driving when road conditions are poor
  • Only add aftermarket products, like towels and mats, if approved by the manufacturer of your specific seat
  • Avoid using bundle bags, puffy clothing, Halloween costumes, or hockey gear as they add "bulk" and could interfere with properly buckling your child
  • Test clothing by doing the Pinch Test and then removing that article of clothing before checking again for tightness
  • Ensure that bulky jackets are removed for booster and 5-step riders as well

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