Rear Facing Basics

Rear facing in the vehicle starts when a child is born and goes up typically until they have outgrown their convertible child restraint in the rear-facing mode. When a child is rear facing, their head, neck, and spine are protected by the shell of the seat during a collision. The American Academy of Pediatrics makes the same recommendation as our SaskSeats team: "children should remain in a rear-facing car safety seat as long as possible, until they reach the highest weight or height allowed by their seat." This could be between the ages of 3 and 4, or longer, depending on the seat.

- Proper Installation Checklist -

  • Child restraint is at the appropriate angle as per the instructions in your manual
  • You are using the proper belt path to secure the restraint to your vehicle seat
  • There is less than 1" of movement front to back and side to side when checking at the belt path with no more force than a firm handshake (use your non-dominant hand)
  • Your top tether is stowed safely (wrapped up with an elastic band to avoid any risk of strangulation)
  • You have determined the lower anchor weight limits for your vehicle and child restraint - when the limit is unknown, please contact us for clarification
  • If you are doing a baseless installation of your rear-facing only bucket seat, you have checked your manual for proper instruction
  • No aftermarket seat protectors or towels are being used under or behind the child restraint unless specifically permitted by your seat's manufacturer

- Proper Use Checklist -

  • Harness straps are coming out at or below your child's shoulders
  • Adjustable headrest (if applicable) is in the appropriate position in accordance with your manual's instruction
  • Infant inserts/pillows that came with your seat are being used/removed as per your manual's instruction
  • No aftermarket strap covers, pads, bundle bags, etc. are being used with the seat
  • Child is within the height, weight, and other fit limitations of their seat
  • Chest clip is positioned at the child's armpits and the crotch buckle is in the appropriate slot as per your manual's instruction

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