Forward Facing Basics

Once a child is done rear facing, it is time to turn them around and use that convertible car seat forward facing (if they fit of course). Generally, we will see children forward facing from between ages 2-4 and going up until around 5-6 years old before they move into a booster seat. Some forward face earlier than others, some remain harnessed longer than others. There are many factors that go into determining when the child will start forward facing and when they will be able to transition into a booster. All of our harnessed child restraints in Canada have harness weight limits up to 65lbs (some weight limits may be lower depending on the seat) but many children will outgrow the seat by another fit requirement before reaching the weight limit.

- Proper Installation Checklist -

  • Child restraint is in the forward-facing recline mode (if applicable)
  • You are using the proper belt path to secure the child restraint to your vehicle seat
  • The top tether is attached to an approved anchor point in your vehicle, used as per the manufacturer's instruction, and all slack removed. Excess webbing can be rolled up and secured with an elastic band
  • You have determined the lower anchor weight limits for your vehicle and child restraint - when the limit is unknown, please contact us for clarification
  • No aftermarket seat protectors or towels are being used under or behind the child restraint unless specifically permitted by your seat's manufacturer

4-Year Old Forward Facing in an Evenflo Maestro

Picture of a child riding forward-facing in an Evenflo Sureride. They are smiling.

4-Year Old Forward Facing in an Evenflo SureRide

- Proper Use Checklist -

  • Harness straps are coming out at or above your child's shoulders
  • Adjustable headrest (if applicable) is in the appropriate position in accordance with your manual's instruction
  • No aftermarket strap covers, pads, etc. are being used with the seat
  • Child is within the height, weight, and other fit limitations of their seat
  • Chest clip is positioned at the child's armpits and the crotch buckle is in the appropriate slot as per your manual's instruction

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