Welcome to the Learning Lounge!

You've landed in the Learning Lounge and we're super excited that you're here. This is a central hub for information, resources, support, walk-throughs, and more to help Saskatchewan families and caregivers keep their children safer on the road. Developed by your team at SaskSeats - Child Passenger Safety, the name "Learning Lounge" really resonates with us. We were once those parents/caregivers feeling the struggle as we opened a brand new car seat for the first time with little knowledge of how to use it. We did the wrong installations (sometimes multiple times). We had people tell us we were completely wrong and then help us to make things right. But in the end, we did a lot of learning and hope that this can be a place to share that learning with you. A place where mistakes are proof that you are trying. A place where your commitment, and our assistance can result in safer children. We encourage you to read through the pages below, check out some of the links we have shared, and let us know what you want to see here next. We are always up for adding new content.

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